How do I know if I can hire one of your vans?

Simple!  Please check out our terms and conditions page to check the insurance criteria for all drivers.

Is there an extra charge for additional drivers?

Nope!  So long as all the drivers meet our insurance criteria, you can all join in the fun and drive a van.

Can I bring my dog/cat/turtle with me?

Yes, absolutely!  All our vans are pet-friendly; all we ask is that they keep off the furniture.  There is an additional £50 deposit payable when you bring your pet along. Unless it’s a lion, in which case it might not fit….

What should I bring with me when I come to pick up the van?

We will send you an email just before you come to collect your van with a reminder of everything you need to bring along.  In short, there are some documents to do with the insurance (proof of ID and driving licence etc.).

We’d recommend that you don’t bring bulky suitcases; holdalls or duffel bags are best for all your belongings.

You don’t need to bring tea, coffee or biscuits – they come as standard!

Can I take a van abroad?

You are more than welcome to travel overseas in the EU.  You will need to purchase a VOH (vehicle on hire) certificate for travelling outside the UK, these cost £8 and can be ordered from the RAC.

I want to live the Instagram dream of off grid wild camping – how do I achieve this?!

All our vans are hooked up with solar panels and large water storage to enable you to have an off-grid adventure.  Check our our blog on wild-camping for some top tips of how to do it best.

I like my creature comforts – do your vans have any?

Yup!  We like our home comforts too and so all our vans have a Propex gas heating system to keep warm in the colder months.  Some of our vans have a water heater too so you can have running hot water.  A few of the vans also have a shower point so you can bathe in luxury.